There is really only one element of your home that plays a major part in both the interior and exterior design of your home: windows. It is actually quite remarkable just how much your windows do. On top of being an integral part of your home design, they also are extremely important to the function of your home. 

Despite their importance, most homeowners pay little attention to their windows. This list of the top window trends for 2022 will almost certainly get you on the phone with your South Jersey window contractor to talk about what your options are for upgrading your windows.

Black Frames and Hardware

This is a trend that has been going on for the last few years, but it is not going away any time soon. Black window frames on both the interior and exterior are extremely popular, namely because they add a subtle pop to both the inside and outside of your home. 

One trend that is new for 2022, though, is the use of black hardware on windows. Whether it’s white, wood or black frames, more homeowners are opting for black hardware. Whereas the hardware used to be white or brown, black hardware does the same thing black frames do. They add that subtle color that really creates cohesion throughout your home.

Arched Windows

Windows, especially residential windows, have traditionally been square or rectangle. Arched windows have been left to churches, schools and commercial buildings. That all changes in 2022.

Arched windows are expected to pop up in most neighborhoods, as they add a curved element to the facade of your home. They also bring in extra light and the arch can incorporate more intricate designs to create some interesting light patterns in your home. Arches in general are expected to become more popular and arched windows are part of this trend. They can add some balance to your home that is likely dominated by straight lines.

Chunky Trim

Having great looking windows is great, but it is always important to pair it with something. On the exterior of your home, this has usually been shutters or maybe an edging. On the interior, most homeowners opt to keep things consistent by using the same trim everywhere. 

In 2022, though, one of the more popular ways to really make your windows pop is to use chunky trim on both the inside and outside of your home. On  the interior, the trim will really set your windows apart. You can use similar trim around the doors too. On the exterior, it is important to consult with a South Jersey window contractor to make sure you use the correct trim that will look and function well.

Whatever your reasons are, whether you need window installation in South Jersey because you are building a new house or whether you just want to replace your existing windows, you should consider these trends before making any decisions on your windows. It can really make a huge difference in both the look and function of your home.