The fall is one of the most enjoyable times of year. The weather cools down, the holidays are in full swing and football dominates the weekend. Yet, while it is such a great time of year, it is also over before you know it.

And while fall has so many great attributes, it is also the most important season for preparation because the severe winter weather can do real damage if you’re not prepared. One of those fall preparations is cleaning the gutters. It is thought of as strictly a fall activity, namely because it is the season associated with leaves falling.

For many homeowners, if you don’t have gutter guards installed in the fall, you will probably leave it until the spring or summer to get them installed. Here’s why you should schedule gutter guard installation in South Jersey before winter gets here instead.

Leaves Fall In Winter

One of the most common myths is that all leaves fall off trees in fall. The truth is, leaves fall all year long and after fall, winter is the season when they fall the most. So, while you might expect to see completely barren trees come December, the reality is you’re more likely to see a lot of half barren trees.

By February, though, you will see barren trees. That is why you should consider gutter guard installation at any point prior to winter, even if it is late in the season in fall.

Clogged Gutters Increase Risk Of Ice Dams

One of the biggest dangers of the winter season for your home and roof are ice dams. When snow collects on your roof and melts and refreezes towards the edge of your roof, it is known as an ice dam. Clogged gutters increase the risk of ice dams, as they don’t allow water to drain properly.

So, if you fail to have gutter guards installed or to completely clean your gutters in the fall, you run the risk of allowing clogged gutters to put your entire roof and home in danger.

Save Yourself The Hassle In Spring

Spring cleaning is a real thing and a lot of spring cleaning comes from putting things off in the fall. Gutter guards definitely fall into this category. If you decide to wait to have gutter guards installed before winter, you will simply be saving yourself the headache of having to do it in the spring. Either that, or you’ll be hoisting your ladder up on your gutters to give them a good spring cleaning.

The bottom line is while you may think that if you don’t have gutter guards installed in fall you should just wait, that is not the case. While gutter guards are obviously important for fall, they are equally important for winter. So, don’t put it off until spring. Call the South Jersey gutter contractors at High Point Gutter today and schedule an estimate.