There are many parts to a roof and while you may only see the shingles, without installing everything correctly, you will likely experience leaks and need to replace your roof sooner than you would like. An ice and water shield is one of the parts of your roof that may be overlooked if you don’t hire a professional South Jersey roofing contractor to install your roof.

Here’s everything you need to know about ice and water shields.

What is an ice and water shield?

An ice and water shield is a membrane that is installed before any underlayments on your roof. It is installed in vulnerable areas of the roof, as well as around the perimeter of the roof. Ice and water shields help to protect your roof from any rain that may get under the shingles, as well as to help melt ice and snow that collects on your roof.

Do I need an ice and water shield on my roof?

An ice and water shield should be installed on every roof. Hard, driven rain can easily penetrate your roof shingles and an ice shield is the best defense against this water leaking into your home. With the harsh winter weather in New Jersey, ice shields also provide protection from severe snow storms and cold spells, when frozen rain and snow may collect on your roof.

Can I install an ice shield myself?

You should always have a South Jersey roofing contractor install the ice shield. It is important to place the ice shield in the correct place and to make sure it is installed correctly. If the ice shield does not adhere correctly to the roof, it can let water into your home.

Should I add an ice shield to my entire roof?

Adding an ice shield to your entire roof can be very costly. That is why you should trust a South Jersey roofer with installing your ice shield. They will know where it is needed to protect your home, while also saving you money.

Your roof is what protects your home from the elements. Without correctly installing all the different elements that make up your roof, you might be leaving your home vulnerable to potential damage. Ice and water shield installation is one of the items that is overlooked by handymen and DIY roofers. When you are in need of roof installation in South Jersey, trust the professionals at High Point Roofing to ensure all elements of your roof are installed correctly.