As the name suggests, ridge caps on a roof are the shingles installed along the ridge of a roof. Every roof (except a flat roof) has a ridge and many roofs actually have multiple ridges. In order to protect your roof and home, ridge caps are used to allow air to flow through the attic, while also protecting your home from leaks.

Ridge caps are used for all roof installation in South Jersey. Here is why.

How Are Ridge Caps Different Than Normal Shingles?

Ridge caps are made from the same material as standard shingle, typically being asphalt shingles. The difference is they are thicker and pre-bent to allow them to fit along the ridge easily. They are also much smaller than regular shingles.

The reason they are thicker is to allow them to bend without losing any protection. It helps them shield the roof from water and snow without deteriorating quickly. They also have more adhesion and a thicker nailing area. This is to help with the roof installation and also allows them to last longer.

What Is Under Ridge Caps?

As ridge caps are installed over ridges on the roof, they are actually placed over an opening in the roof, unlike standard shingles, which are placed directly on roof sheathing. Because of this, a ridge vent is placed under ridge caps. This not only helps seal the roof, but it also allows air to get into the attic to aid in air flow. Without a ridge vent, the attic would trap unwanted air in the home, decreasing air quality and increasing energy costs.

Ridge caps over roof vent on a Medford NJ roof.
A roof peak with ridge caps in Medford NJ

Do Ridge Caps Have Any Stylistic Advantage?

Ridge caps are actually one of the most recognizable parts of the roof. This is because they are at the highest point of the roof and they generally run in an opposite direction. When installed properly by a professional South Jersey roofing contractor, ridge caps can have a huge impact on the look of your roof.

When it comes to roof installation in Medford NJ, ridge caps are an important factor to consider and should always be used to secure your roof and protect your home.

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