Unless you’ve had your gutters replaced recently or have worked installing gutters in the past, you’ve probably never heard of k-style gutters. But almost everyone will need to have gutters installed or replaced at some point in their lives and understanding the different kinds of gutters will be important for making an informed decision.

So, here is some information about k-style gutters to get you started.

Why are they called k-style gutters?

You may think the k stands for something, but the reality is, they are called k-style gutters because they look like the letter “k”. It is that simple. Unlike traditional rounded gutters, k-style gutters flare out at the top and bottom, giving them a unique shape that also gives them their name.

How are k-style gutters different?

The shape of k-style gutters allows them to hold more water, which makes them more efficient for safely moving water off the roof of your home and away from the foundation. The unique design of k-style gutters also makes them much more attractive from a visual standpoint, as the shape closely resembles crown molding. This is one of the reasons why so many homeowners choose these style gutters over other options.

What are the benefits of k-style gutters?

As mentioned above, k-style gutters are very efficient. Some of the other benefits of k-style gutters are:

  • They are less prone to leaks, as they provide a seamless installation
  • They come in multiple finishes and colors
  • They are very affordable
  • They are extremely durable
  • They are easier to install, repair and replace than most traditional gutter styles

It shouldn’t be a surprise now to find out that k-style gutters are used on approximately 80% of residential homes in the US. They are by far the most popular style of gutter trusted by gutter contractors in South Jersey and all over the country.

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