Are you upgrading the windows of your home? Or do you have plans to renovate or build your dream home and need to select a window style? You will find several types of windows for your home, all serving a different purpose.

Learning about each type of window and the purpose it serves will help you decide. According to High Point Roofing, the most common window styles chosen by homeowners include:


  • Single Hung Windows


Single hung windows have a movable lower sash with a fixed upper sash. This is the only difference between single hung windows and double hung windows. 


  • Double Hung Windows


Double hung windows have two movable sashes with the upper sash sliding down. Double hung windows offer improved ventilation. By opening the two sashes, air travels through the lower opening and then through the upper opening. You can clean them from inside.


  • Double Slider Windows


Double slider windows have two sashes that slide from one side to another. They have double locks and weather stripping to protect your home from outside elements. You will often find them in contemporary themed homes. 


  • Casement Windows


Casement windows swing open, pivoting from the side hinges. Most casement windows have large glass panes. The muntin bars provide uninterrupted light through the large glass panes. They also improve ventilation in the room. Since the close and lock tightly, they ensure no air escapes outside or enters the house from outside, thus making them an energy-efficient choice. They are not recommended for high- traffic areas. 


  • Awning Windows


An awning window swings open from the top of the window sash using a crank. Pair awning windows with large picture windows. You can place these windows along the sides, top, or bottom of the picture windows to improve ventilation. You can also install them above a door. Since they open out, do not install them near walkways and high-traffic areas.


  • Picture Windows


Picture windows do not open and are recommended for areas that do not require airflow. They consist of large glass expanses that occupy the middle part of a wall to offer sunlight and beautiful views. You are less likely to experience an air leak with them. However, their large glass pans can attract and lose a lot of heat. 


  • Geometric Shaped Windows


Geometric shaped windows come in a variety of different shapes. They add individuality, creativity, and character to your home. They are used to bring light into a certain room of the house, such as the hallway. You can also use them to highlight a part of your house, such as your fireplace. You can pair them with different operable and fixed windows. You can choose from available shapes or custom shapes. 


  • Bay and Bow Windows


Bay windows are used for artistic purposes, as it allows architects to create projections and angles. Most bay windows have side windows, which you can open to let air in. They are commonly placed in family rooms and kitchens. Bow windows are curved windows. They create a circular area from the outside of a property. You can use several panels to create bow windows. 

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