It’s the most festive time of the year: Christmas. Homeowners go all out during Christmas to show their joy for the holidays and nothing says Christmas more than a house completely lit up in beautiful lights. 

And while Christmas lights will always bring joy, they will bring even more joy when they are hung correctly. Not only will it make your home stand out, but it will also ensure you don’t do any unnecessary damage to your home and roof that could have you calling your South Jersey roofing contractor for some repairs.

To make sure your home looks great and stays intact this holiday season, here are some tips for hanging your lights this Christmas season.

Make A Plan

It can be tempting to just start unrolling your lights and hanging them from the closest outlet. When you do that, though, you are not only likely to miss some areas of your home, but will also likely have too many or too few lights. 

When making your plan, you should consider:

  • Where you want to hang your lights (gutters, windows, roof eaves, fences, etc.)
  • What you want the focal point to be
  • What color lights you want to use

Check Your Lights

After you make a plan, you should check to make sure all your lights are working before you start hanging them. There is nothing worse than getting all your lights hung and plugging them in only to find out you have a few strands completely out. Instead, roll your lights out and plug them in to make sure they are all working properly.

Choose Your Outlets/Timers

Besides the actual lights, the most important factor to consider might be the outlets you choose to use. Make sure it is an outlet that is easy to reach and is also not an outlet that is prone to tripping. 

You should also consider buying a timer for your lights. That way you don’t have to remember to turn them on and off every day. While you want to make sure your lights are on when it gets dark, you probably don’t want them on all night. Otherwise, you might be in for a big surprise when the electric bill comes in January.

Use Clips

The days of staples and string are over. Make sure to use light clips for your lights, particularly when you are attaching them to your roof eaves and gutters. Best of all is using a clip on each light. It will make sure you don’t do any damage to your roof and gutters and will also make sure your lights are the straightest and best looking in the neighborhood.

Pack Away Boxes and Reels

The Christmas season only lasts a few weeks and then it will be time to take the lights down again. It will be much easier to take them down if you pack away the boxes and reels the lights come on. You may not think about it when you’re putting them up, but we can assure you that you will be thinking about it when it’s time to take them down.