Technology is part of just about every facet of our lives and roofing is no different. Technology has made roofing safer, more efficient and has helped to better serve customers. The adoption of technology by South Jersey roofing contractors has truly made a huge difference.

It isn’t just the technology in every South Jersey roofers hands, either. It is also about using the latest tools and materials. So, without further ado, here is the technology being used by roofers to improve safety and efficiency.


While they are not a piece of new technology, drones are increasingly being used in all sorts of new places. With roofing, drones can provide aerial images to get a better idea of what a roof looks like before you climb up. This helps make sure a roof is safe before a South Jersey roofing contractor starts climbing up the ladder.

Drone images also help with ordering materials and designing roofs. They make roofing much safer and much more efficient. The images are also great for completed projects, especially for showing before and after pictures.

Visualization Tools

For many homeowners, it can be difficult to visualize what a new roof might look like. You can see the materials, but it can be hard to move from the showroom to actually understanding what it will look like on your roof. With new visualization tools though, South Jersey roofing contractors are able to give customers a specific idea of what the new roof will look like. 

These tools not only help with customer satisfaction. They also make it easier for South Jersey roofers to provide accurate estimates and to set correct expectations. 

Improved Materials and Tools

Not all technology has to be devices or software. Some technological advances are in the actual materials and tools being used. They may not be as impressive, but they are just as important. New technology in roofing materials makes them last longer and provide more coverage. This new technology can help roofs stand up to snow better and even do a better job of deflecting heat from the sun.

Advances in tool technology also makes roofing safer and faster. With advances in nail guns, ladders and even boots, a roof can now be replaced in less time and with less risk.

If you are in need of roof installation in South Jersey, it would benefit you to choose a roofing contractor that embraces technology. With these advances, you can rest assured knowing your roof will be installed safely, correctly and that it will last.