Any type of water in your home can cause panic. Whether it is coming from the walls or the ceiling, for homeowners, all that matters is seeing water in your home. And while panic may be your first inclination, it is important to follow a few vital steps to limit the damage. 

Contain the leak

The first thing to do when you spot a leak is to contain it. That could mean putting a bucket under the leak, laying towels down on the floor or covering the leak if possible. This is important to do first because it will mitigate the damage being done to your home. If you wait to do this, you will be letting water continue to spread in your home.

Clean the impacted area

After you contain the leak, you need to clean the impacted area. While the bucket or towels can stop additional water from doing damage, they won’t fix any damage that has already been done. The longer the water is allowed to sit and pool, the more damage it can do. That water needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Locate where the leak is coming from

While the water will be coming from the walls or ceiling, the location of the leak is most likely in the attic. If you can find where the leak is coming from, you will be able to understand the full extent of the damage and possibly make a  temporary repair to slow the volume of water entering your home.

Document the leak

This step is overlooked by homeowners in many instances. Taking pictures of the leak and any damage can help you get an estimate from a roofing company in South Jersey and can also be helpful if you are going to submit the damage to your insurance company.

Call a roofing company

You should always consult a roofing company in South Jersey when you have a leak. Even if you believe you fixed the leak, it is advisable to have a professional take a look. Any leak is a sign of damage to your roof and without having a professional take a look, you may not fully understand the extent of the damage.

Leaks in your roof can be scary. When you take the correct steps to limit the damage, though, you can have your leak repaired in no time, with little to no damage to your home. Give us a call at High Point Roofing if you experience any leaks in your roof.