Your gutter system is an important part of maintaining your home’s infrastructure. And if you recently purchased a home, you may not know when your system was installed. If you’ve built a home or do know when your gutters were installed, there are some things to look for. So, what are the signs you need to replace your gutters?

The experts at High Point Roofing share the tell-tale signs you need to replace your gutters from years of wear and tear. Here’s what to look for. 

Cracks, holes, and rust spots

If you spot a couple of cracks, holes, or rust spots in your gutters, these can sometimes be fixed using sealant. However, if you notice many spots worsening in your system, it’s time to think about replacing your gutters.

Broken fasteners

The metal fasteners on your gutter system are what hold your gutter to the roof and keep it level. In some cases, fasteners can be repaired or replaced, but if the problem persists, you may need to replace gutters. 


If your gutters are starting to look more like the ups and downs of a roller coaster than a gutter system, it’s about time you replaced it. Sometimes, a few repairs will do the job, but not always for long. If your system is pulling away from your roof, take it as one of the signs you need to replace your gutters

Peeling paint

When gutters pull away from the roof, it creates a gap where water seeps down onto the siding or trim. If you notice paint peeling near the edge of gutters, it’s a sign water has been leaking for some time. The experts at High Point Roofing suggest you call a professional South Jersey gutter installation company before water does further damage to your home. 


If you start to notice signs you need to replace your gutters, check the landscaping around and beneath the gutters. Do you notice erosion in flower beds or a patchy, uneven ground? Water can do more than damage your infrastructure—it can ruin the landscape you work so hard to maintain. 

Experiencing gutter failure or wondering if it’s time to replace your gutter system? The experts at High Point Roofing are on-hand. Contact High Point Roofing today to schedule your free estimate, and visit their website to learn about their affordable financing options.