Explore the possibilities and get the facts with CertainTeed Siding. Your home’s exterior is important to your home’s efficiency as well as improving the look and value. As a home siding company, our experts understand that a home should not only stand out but also save costs on heating and cooling. With experience under our belt, we guarantee that our siding installation will meet manufacturers standards of quality and performance and that our experts will be there to provide guidance every step of the way.


We have been New Jersey’s most trusted contractor in the region for both commercial and residential projects. Our siding materials are top quality with superior performance ratings and our siding services are backed by warranties. Our customers are treated like family at High Point Roofing and we can help you evaluate your options and choose a siding to complement your home’s exterior. We are here to guide you throughout the whole process.


The experts at High Point Roofing know that the purpose of siding for the home is more than just to keep warm or cool air in during the winter and summer months. Siding protects the home from the wind, rain, and snow. Besides that, you want your house to stand out from the rest. Since siding takes up a majority of a home’s outside surface, the attractiveness is an added appeal to any homeowner or resident. We provide a vast variety of siding selections for your home, this includes the industry’s leading manufacturer of siding – CertainTeed. CertainTeed offers siding in nearly every color, material, and style. You can choose an option to accentuate the uniqueness of your home’s décor- making your house the envy of the neighborhood.


We are a fully licensed and insured home siding company and have a proven reputation for providing quality and dependable services throughout the community. It is well worth it because installing or fixing your siding in a timely manner will save your property from further damage and costly repair bills. Our expert team will help you to decide the perfect match for your home regardless of style or model. Keeping the exterior of your home looking beautiful and performing dependably can be a difficult job that involves a variety of specialized services and service providers. When you call on us to perform your home’s siding or repair, you can rest assured that you will receive all services needed from one convenient, professional, and reliable contractor. We always work to exceed our customer’s expectations and stand behind our products, services, and experience.

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