It is a question asked a lot to roofers in South Jersey: what is the best time to replace a roof? And while roofs can be replaced any time during the year, for a variety of reasons, fall is the best time to replace your roof. 

Why, you ask? Here are a few reasons why you should consider having your roof replaced during the fall season.


The first, and probably easiest reason to understand why it is best to replace your roof in fall in New Jersey is the weather. The mild temperatures and relatively dry conditions make fall the perfect time to get your roof replaced.

The weather is great for the shingles and the roofers. With mild temperatures, roofing crews are able to work in relatively comfortable conditions, which decreases the time it takes for roof installation in South Jersey. 

The comfortable temperatures are also ideal for the actual roofing materials, as they are less prone to cracking and will still bond properly before the cold of winter. 


Another reason fall is the best time to replace your roof in NJ is because it is usually easier to schedule a time. With the moisture and severe weather of summer, many homeowners get their roof replaced in July and August. That means it is usually less busy for roofing companies in the fall, which makes it a great time to schedule a roof replacement.

Another reason roof replacement in South Jersey is great in the fall is because roofing companies can schedule more jobs because of the mild weather. That means less delays and faster turnarounds, both of which are great for homeowners.

Winter Preparation

As you probably know, roofs are most likely to leak and need repairs during the most severe weather. For South Jersey homeowners, that means summer and winter. The winter can be particularly dangerous, because heavy snow and cold weather can cause real damage to roofs that are compromised. 

That is why replacing your roof in fall is great. It means you will be completely protected during the extreme weather of winter, keeping you nice and warm and keeping all of the snow and water out of your house.

So, if you are constantly seeing leaks in your roof and have been waiting to schedule a roof replacement in South Jersey, fall is the perfect time to do it. Give us a call now to schedule an appointment.