Even though winter is a magical season, it can also bring trouble with it. During winters, heavy snowfall can cause ice dams on your roof. Ice dams are a pool of melted water where the water accumulates under your roof shingles where it can enter your home, causing damage to your floors, walls, and ceilings. 

The weight of ice dams also causes the downspouts and gutters to pull away from your home. Sometimes, the fascia boards may also pull away. By preventing ice dams, you can prevent roof damage and costly repairs arising from it.

High Point Roofing, located in Pilesgrove, NJ, offers you solutions on how you can prevent ice dams in your gutters during the winter season to prevent roof damage.


  • Keep Your Gutters Clean


Before the arrival of snowfall, remove all the fall leaves from the gutters. You also need to check the downspouts to ensure they are working properly. Melted snow can easily enter your gutters and cause them to become clogged. You should have your gutters cleaned by professionals at least once each year. 

According to High Point Roofing, in doing so, you can ensure that the melted snow will not clog your gutters and re-freeze in low temperatures. For this reason, you need to take other actions to prevent the snow from turning into ice dams in your gutters during the winter season.


  • Check Your Attic to Determine If the Air is too Warm


You can determine that by checking the ventilation under your roof deck. Ventilation under your roof deck can keep the cold air outdoors circulating through your attic and prevent it from exceeding the freezing point.

Poor insulation in your attic and roof, says High Point Roofing, can cause the warm air to escape from your home through your ceiling and into your attic. If the temperature on your roof surpasses the temperature outdoors, it will cause the snow to melt and drain off your roof. When it reaches a colder area of your roof, which is around the gutters normally, it will freeze. 

 An improper attic ventilation system can cause the warm air to stay trapped inside your attic. If the warm air cannot escape, it will increase the temperatures of your roof. Therefore, you need to inspect your attic for proper ventilation. 


  • Use a Rake to Remove Snow from Your Roof


Heavy snowfall gives birth to ice dams. As soon as it snows a lot, use a long-handled rake to remove the snow, removing around four feet of it from the edge of your roof to prevent ice dams. Do not get on the roof yourself as you may slip and hurt yourself. 


  • Use Calcium Chloride


If you spot an ice dam forming on the roof, apply calcium chloride to melt it. You can ask your roofer to recommend a product for melting ice dams.


  • Hire a Professional Roofing Company


If the problem has gotten out of hand and your gutters are clogged due to ice dams, your best bet is to call a roofing company to remove them. They will use high-tech ice dam removal equipment and can even provide you with simple tips to prevent this problem in the future.

When winter weather strikes, contact High Point Roofing at 856-347-4700 for ice dam removal. Their team of experts service all of the Southern New Jersey area, including Atlantic, Camden, Cape May,  Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties.