It is one of the most often asked questions when it comes to roofing: How much does a new roof cost? It is one of the most difficult questions to answer without first knowing a few different things. 

No two roofs are the same and what constitutes a “new roof” is also up for debate. Here are some variables that impact the cost you will pay a roofer in South Jersey for a new roof. 

Type of Roof

While most roofs use traditional shingles, there are actually quite a few different types of roofs and even different types of roofing shingles. Each type of roof has a specific set of skills for installing, which impacts how long it will take. The type of roof you need to be installed has a direct impact on the cost of installing the roof.

Current Roof 

The state of the current roof plays a big part in how much a new roof costs. If the current roof is going to require multiple layers of shingles to be taken off, the cost is going to increase. If the roof is being installed on a brand new home, the cost will likely be less. 

Size of Roof

The overall size of the roof is an important factor to consider. If the roof is very large, it is going to cost more. 

Pitch of Roof

The pitch of the roof is how steep of an angle the roof is on. The steeper the pitch, the more difficult it is to install a new roof, which increases the cost.

Financing Options

The final variable is what financing options you have available. With High Point Roofing, we offer financing options that will help you pay for the roof you want and need.