The front door is one of the most recognizable, yet often overlooked aspects of your home. Not only is it a focal point of the exterior of your home, but it also plays a major role in the style and function of the interior of your home. 

Even knowing this, most homeowners decide against front door installation in South Jersey. Instead, they stick with the front door they currently have. 

Here are a few front door design trends for 2022 that might just change your mind and finally give you the inspiration to upgrade your front door.

 Wide Doors

For far too long, front doors have been restricted to single doors with standard sizes. In 2022, though, experts agree the trends are moving towards wide doors. Either in the form of two-leaf doors or just choosing wider single doors. 

Expanding the width of your front door can bring more attention to the design of your home, as well as make it feel grander when you enter. 

Bold Colors

Choosing a front door color can be a scary proposition. And because it is scary, many homeowners decide against going bold, instead opting for muted or natural colors. 

In 2022, front doors should be bold. Bright reds, yellows, teals and blues are going to be in style. These bright colors can add the color your home needs to allow you to keep your other designs more modest. The small pops of color can also create cohesion with other elements in your home: throw pillows, clocks, rugs, etc. 

Stained Glass

When you think of stained glass, you probably think of church. But in 2022, stained glass is expected to make an appearance in front doors across New Jersey. 

The stained glass can be used in the actual door or above it. The stained glass not only adds a bit of style, but it also creates very interesting natural light designs in your home.

Metal Doors

Heading into 2022, it is no longer necessary to keep things consistent. Pairing a metal front door with more traditional or classic home designs can add a modern touch to your home without requiring a full redesign. 

Every homeowner wants to make the most of their house. A new front door will increase the style and the value of your home, making it a win-win. And while you may want to pair it with window installation in South Jersey, use these trends to take one step at a time.