“Can I replace my roof in the winter”? A question that roofers at High Point Roofing come to hear a lot from homeowners. Yes, you can replace your roof in the winter season. However, there are a few things that roofing contractors must keep in mind when replacing a roof in winters.

High Point Roofing shares the techniques they should follow to replace a roof in the winter:


  • The Ideal Temperature for Roof Replacement


The ideal temperature to install asphalt roof shingles is between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing asphalt shingles at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit can cause them to crack and break when hammered. 

Self-adhesive shingles will not stick to your roof if the temperature gets below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you select fiberglass shingles, they can fracture in the winter, while shakes can also crack and break. Therefore, your roofing contractor will wait until the temperature is within the recommended range to install your new roof.


  • Keep Your Roofing Shingles Warm


Your roofing contractor will take measures to keep your roofing shingles warm before installing them on your roof. They can store it in a warehouse or a heated garage before installing them.


  • Seal the Roofing Shingles Properly


Having an experienced roofing contractor comes into play here. An experienced roofer will know the proper technique to seal roofing shingles in the winter. Most shingles are coated with thermally activated asphalt sealant.

Thermally activated asphalt sealant uses sunlight to bond the shingles to your roof. It can take several weeks for the shingles to completely bond. If you are getting a roof replacement in the winter, your roof may seal the shingles by hand using an approved asphalt roofing cement. 


  • Roof Maintenance in the Winter


Your roof still requires routine maintenance in the winter. Even if you are not getting your roof replaced, you still should contact your roofing company for roof maintenance in the winter. It is recommended not to walk over shingles in the cold, as it may cause them to break under pressure. This is especially true for shingles located on an uneven surface or if they are a little curved.  For this reason, calling a reputable roofing company for roof maintenance during winter is so important because they know their way around the roof. 

If you have gotten your roof recently replaced in the winter, calling them at least one time for roof maintenance during the chilly season is essential to keeping your roof looking new.

For homeowners who need their roof replacement, the best time is in the summer and spring. However, sometimes these things can’t wait. Just be sure to contact a company that has years of experience. 

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