When it is time to replace your windows, you may have more options than you think. You do not necessarily need to replace your current windows with the exact same window type you currently have. There are numerous types of windows and depending on your budget and style, you might be able to upgrade your windows when replacing them.

To help you out, we’ve profiled 5 different types of windows.

Double-Hung Windows

The most popular type of windows are double-hung. These windows open up and down, providing flexibility and increased air ventilation. By opening both window sections halfway, you can get the best air ventilation, with air coming in and out. Double-hung windows are also the most affordable type of window and also work well with nearly any style of house.

Slider Windows

Another popular option, slider windows provide one of the most affordable options for replacing your windows. Just as the name suggests, slider windows slide open horizontally. They are generally very easy to use and the sliding motion provides a large amount of glass, with little to no obstruction, allowing them to let in maximum light. They can also be prone to leaks, due to the large amount of glass used.

Casement Windows

Similar to slider windows, casement windows are situated horizontally. Unlike sliders, casement windows open with a crank and protrude outwards. This provides less airflow but also makes them less prone to leaking. They also provide plenty of light with the large glass panes.

Bay Windows

These decorative windows are great for the front of your house. They require a large sill and provide angles for light to enter the home. The angled approach to these windows is great for adding architectural value to your home. It also adds curb appeal to your home.

Picture Windows

These windows are great for letting light into your home. They do not open, so they are great as center windows or in staircases or large, vaulted ceilings. With large glass used in picture windows, they are ideal for creating a brighter area. They are also less prone to leaking, as they do not open.

If you are looking for window installation in South Jersey, give us a call at High Point Roofing. We will help you choose the best windows for your budget and style and create a plan for installing them efficiently in your home.