With the weather beginning to turn and spring just around the corner, it is about time to get outside and clean the gutters. Fall and winter bring harrowing winds, freezing temperatures and lots of moisture; all of which can lead to clogged or filled gutters. Leaving your gutters this way all spring can lead to potential problems down the road.

Cleaning your gutters is as important as hiring a professional South Jersey gutter installation company to install them. With these 4 tips, you should have no problem clearing your gutters out this spring.

Wear Gloves

You never know what fell in your gutters over the fall and winter. There could be sharp objects, pine cones or sticks in there. Reaching in with your bare hands can lead to a host of problems for you. Chances are good that whatever is in your gutters will probably be damp too, so wearing gloves will protect you from ending up with soaking wet, cold hands while you work.

Check the Weather Report

Cleaning your gutters will require you to be outdoors for a few hours, depending on the size of your home. You will also need to use a ladder and possibly get on the roof. Before deciding to clean your gutters, you should look at the weather report. Wind and moisture will make it more difficult, so you should look for a calm day. Wind will make it more difficult, especially if you can see your gutters are full of debris.

Use A Ladder When Possible

As stated above, you will need to use a ladder to clean your gutters. While you can (and in some circumstances, will have to) get on the roof, using a ladder is generally easier and safer. With a ladder, you can avoid the pitch of your roof and having to move close to the edge to empty your gutters. The only drawback to using a ladder is it can take longer since you will have to move the ladder constantly.

Call A Professional

If you have any health problems or are afraid of heights, you should call a professional South Jersey gutter installation company. While cleaning your gutters should not be a dangerous job, it does pose some challenges. You should be confident in your ability to use a ladder and physically able to sustain a few hours of labor if you plan to clean your own gutters.

Don’t put off cleaning your gutters this spring. The longer debris is able to build up in your gutter system, the more potential damage it can cause. If you need a gutter estimate or assistance, contact the South Jersey roofing contractors at High Point Roofing today.