Halloween is just around the corner and if you haven’t already put out your Halloween decorations, you still have time to make sure your home is the spookiest on the block this year.

There truly is nothing like Halloween. It is such a unique holiday and because of that, it is so much fun decorating for this great holiday. And while you may be thinking of what to put in your front yard or your porch, your windows are actually one of the best ways to really give your house that creepiness that will have the whole neighborhood shaking when they pass by.

So, here are a few window decoration ideas for Halloween this year.

Lighted Spider Webs

The relationship between spider webs and Halloween is not new. There is just something about spiders and particularly spider webs that are just plain scary. So, it makes sense that they would go well together with Halloween decorations.

To really make it scary, though, you can use lighted spider webs in your windows. Not only will this make them stand out, but it also makes them easier to hang. Best of all, when you put them in your windows, you can see them on the outside and inside of your home.


A staple of scary movies is seeing the shadows of people in the window of a home. Whether it’s Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween or Friday the 13th, you will likely be familiar with the classic “person in the window” scenes. Well, now with projectors, you can create that same look for your home.

It’s as simple as setting up the projector inside your home to light up your window. That way, whenever someone passes by your house, they will see skeletons, ghosts and goblins walking around your home! It doesn’t get much scarier than that.

Hanging Skeletons

The great thing about Halloween window decorations is that they are usually able to be hung, making them easier to display and giving them the appearance of hovering. And what is scarier than a hanging skeleton?

Skeletons are a classic Halloween decoration and are usually found hanging from trees or stuck in the ground. This year, you can hang them on the outside of your home as if they are climbing into your windows or hang them from the inside, so it looks like they are already inside or trying to get out. Either way, they will certainly give your house a certain spookiness.

Halloween usually creeps up on you (no pun intended), but with these decoration ideas, you can enjoy the weeks leading up to the fun of trick or treating. Best of all, you won’t need to hire a South Jersey window contractor. That is, unless you need to have your windows repaired. Then give us a call right away, because there is nothing scarier than faulty windows.