There are a variety of different roof types and which you have can play a part in the shingles and gutters you should choose.

South Jersey features a rich variety of architecture. From beautiful Georgian homes to quaint Craftsmen homes, the architecture of South Jersey gives it a charm that is hard to find anywhere else in the country. This diversity is important for homeowners to take into account when they decide to replace the roof or consider gutter installation in South Jersey.

Here are 3 common roof types and what they mean for shingle and gutter installation.

Gabled Roof

The most popular roof style, gabled roofs provide the most flexibility when it comes to choosing roofing materials and gutters. With its traditional design, gabled roofs do not have a large area size in relation to the rest of your home, so it makes it easier to choose a bolder or higher-end roofing material. It also requires less gutter material, also allowing you to possibly choose a higher-end finish or color for your gutters.

Hip Roof

A hip roof features four sides that meet to form a single ridge at the top of your home. This popular roof style makes up a large portion of the exterior of your home and is very visible. It also requires a large amount of material for both roofing and gutters. The combination of the large surface area and high visibility make it important to choose roofing and gutter materials that will work with a variety of different styles to give you flexibility in the future if you decide to change other design elements on the outside of your home.

Gambrel Roof

Think of a barn and you will be able to visualize a gambrel roof. This roof type is common in South Jersey and looks great on a variety of architectural styles. Gambrel roofs require a lot of roofing material, as the steep sides of the roof come farther down the side of the house and there is also an upper slope of the roof on the top of the home. The roof is also very visible, so choosing the right color is going to be important. For gutter installation, gambrel roofs do not require gutters along the entire perimeter of the home like hip roofs, which makes it easier to install and gives you options for choosing higher-end materials or possibly some bolder colors.

If you are considering roof installation or gutter installation in South Jersey, you should take some time to think about the style of your roof first. The style of the roof will determine how visible the roof is and how much material you will need. These are two factors that are important for the price of the installation and how much it will impact the overall appearance of your home. Give us a call at High Point Roofing and Remodeling to speak with our South Jersey roofing experts today.